Saturday, October 18, 2014

Closing Curtain

For you who found your way to this blog, you are welcome to take in any of the past posts. I am no longer maintaining it regularly, and have shifted my interests to a new journal, Cohannet Commentary. The topics of Stage Picture have related to my professional life in art, theater and learning, with digressions. I have now retired from that profession entirely. I have given up my work in theater art and criticism, withdrawn from organizational responsibilities and no longer teach or design. Should I return to discussions of art and performance, I likely will revive this writing.

The focus of Cohannet Commentary currently relates to my work on family history. In that forum I try to articulate my evolving discoveries and awareness of past times and people, research challenges, dilemmas and achievements, and observations on the work. It's an informal research journal that, like Stage Picture, will evolve its character over time.

I hope to reward readers with thoughtful ideas, possible insights, shared frustrations, and collegial discussions on topics with a connection to history, family history, and historical research and writing.


18 Oct 2014

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